David and Debby Colman started their sandwich business in December 1990, realising that there was a need for Kosher food for the Jewish community in the city area (Holborn) of London.

They purchased a small shop in Holborn and set up a sandwich bar takeaway service offering the business community the opportunity to purchase Kosher sandwiches, soups and other Kosher products whilst away from home.

Some friends and family were apprehensive when David and Debby said that they were going to take on such a commitment as until then, most Jewish people would only eat sandwiches or snack food if they had been made in their own homes, as there had never been a Kosher sandwich bar.

Not put off by their friends and familied doubts, David and Debby worked hard to promote their business and very soon the major supermarkets and other corporate businesses were asking them to supply their products in volume for them to resale.

First came Safeways who were opening four new branches and were keen to offer their clients a Kosher service to include sandwich items. Other large orders followed from Airports and Petrol stations as well as the other major supermarkets, Tesco's, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and then Selfridges. More space was needed with the increased production and staff and they took additional space above the shop.

By late 1994, early 95 business was excelling their predictions and David and Debby decided to sell the shop, move to a factory in Tottenham and concentrate on sandwich production for resale through the various supermarkets and deli's, as well as the food outlets at the major railway stations and airports in and around the M25.

Business continued to grow and in August 2000 David and Debby decided to form a Limited company DD's Kosher Sandwiches Ltd. they purchsed a factory and office unit in Park Royal North West London which is now the manufacturing base for production of some 25,000 sandwiches and other snacks a week. We have attained E.E.C approval for high-tech food production and have place to expand the range further to satisfy this unique market that has led to DD's becoming a household name.